Types of Trainers

Types of Trainers

There are several types of dog trainers. Find the best fit for you and your dog.


Corporations train dogs as part of an animal retail business. Petsmart is an example. Training is attempted through classes. The cost of the class is cheaper than hiring an individual trainer, but results are usually elementary and variable.


Individually-owned franchises, such as Sit Means Sit, Manners in Minutes, and Bark Busters train under the reputation of an original parent company. The franchise has access to the marketing of the parent business, but the franchise is independently-owned. The owners do not necessarily have the training experience of the original business developer and trainer.

Individual Trainers

Individual dog trainers are the last model. Focus Dog Training, Mutt Masters, Cool Canine, Innovative Canine, and Canine Counselors are examples of local trainers who own their own businesses. Lucky Dog is an example of trainers who contract services through the Lucky Dog boarding business.