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Wolfe Family

We received the following email from Paden Wolfe, one of our clients from Denver, about the training of his dogs, Duke and Timber.

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    The Wolfe Family

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    Help With: Escape Artist / Off Leash Training


I received your post card and wanted to put in writing the truth about what you have done for Timber, Duke and especially, our family.  You may have heard this from Debbie, but I wanted to reiterate our story and you are welcome to utilize it with any marketing avenues you choose.

When Debbie said she wanted to go to Colorado Springs to see you I laughed and said sure, “good luck training those dogs”.  She told me, Mary was able to walk Emma with one finger on the leash and I laughed and said if it was true then she should definitely go and again, I laughed because I didn’t believe her.

After the brief sessions we have had with you and your methods it has truly changed our lives as a family.  That may sound dramatic, but I can’t thank you enough for how well behaved our dogs are because of your help.  I never thought we would be able to walk our dogs on a leash without them pulling, let alone go to the park without leashes altogether!

Timber used to jump our four foot fence almost every time we would let her out to go to the bathroom and now it almost never happens.  This in itself, is a dream come true because she and Duke can play in the yard without us having to run around the neighborhood to find her.   It has saved us countless hours of tracking her down as the kids and we used to hop on scooters and bikes to head down the street in search of our escaped canine.

We now enjoy time at the park and walks to and from the park with both of them off leash.   They don’t jump on visitors when people come to our door to see us.   Their personalities have completely changed and they are like different dogs that want to spend time with us as a family when we are outside.

Lastly, the fact that we can say, “come sit” and they run toward us, sit down and stare at our faces is above and beyond anything I thought possible before you taught us your methods of dog training, and we had been through “clicker training” at a large chain pet store previously.   As Physical Therapists, the word “heal” has completely new meaning when Timber and Duke turn to our sides and look up at us as if at attention waiting for our next command.

You’re an awesome dog trainer and we can’t thank you enough for the simple methods you have taught us that have transformed our chaotic canines into wonderful   parts of our family.  Thanks Rick!!!  We’ll see you soon for some more training.

Paden, Debbie, Parker, Baylor, Kinley, Duke and Timber
‘arf! arf! ‘