Danielle and Indigo
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Danielle and Indigo

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference Rick has made in our lives.


I spent thousands of dollars on about a six different trainers.  At this point I was extremely frustrated and had lost faith in all professional trainers. For about a year, my dog had escalating bad behavior and I was continually told that her behavior had been learned and that it was an easy fix.  After the 4th or 5th trainer, I felt like I was failing my dog and she was never going to be able to go to a conformation and/or obedience event because I could not take her out in public without her displaying aggressive behavior around other dogs.  A friend of mine gave me Rick’s information. I was hesitant to call but I am so happy and thankful I did.  Rick met with me shortly after my first phone call. He observed both me and my dog at a dog park and said based on what he saw he would come up with a plan. Within a week from my first phone call I had met with him and received a well thought out training approach that I quickly agreed to. Rick’s instruction was very clear and concise.  Each visit I was sent home with homework and my next appointment date. I started seeing changes with my own behavior and my dogs with the first couple of appointments. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference Rick has made in our lives. Rick has helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how my dog was reacting to it. He has also helped me communicate better with her and gain her respect.  Not only did Rick help me be able to bring my dog out in public events, he helped me train my little girl into a dog I could easily live with. Her obedience is the best it’s ever been and since the training, she has completed her conformation and received several obedience titles and awards.