Carol Wolf and Noah
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Carol Wolf and Noah

We could not have done it without you!


Nova, Noah (our 3-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback) and I have worked with Rick for about 12 months. When we started, Noah was very frightened of people and especially men. In fact, Noah had been excused from the conformation ring 3 times for showing signs of fear toward the judge. For a handler and owner, this is both humiliating and embarrassing. At that point, we thought the best thing to do was to neuter Noah and to stop showing him. But we were reluctant to do this, as we enjoyed showing dogs and we were considering breeding Noah. So, we tried correcting the problem ourselves by attending training classes at local Denver dog training facilities, but nothing we tried worked.

Then we were referred to Rick. He performed an evaluation of Noah and he felt confident that he could help Noah overcome his fear. And that he did, with a results-oriented combination of obedience training and exposure to people, noise, and other daily life experiences. This included one-on-one training sessions in a Lowe’s store, downtown Colorado Springs, and even the bus station. His approach to training is tailored to each dog/handler’s problems, the dog’s disposition, and is not limited to one facility or location like most other trainers. In other words, it is NOT one style of training for all dogs.

As a result, my handling skills have greatly improved in all situation. Noah is now much more confident around people, is back in the show ring, has earned his Rally Novice Title, is working on his Rally Advanced Title, and is well on his way to earning the coveted Conformation Champion Title.

Thank you Rick, for all your help, patience, and encouragement. It has been worth the time (driving back and forth from Denver to Colorado Springs) and money invested. We could not have done it without you!