17 Mar 2017

Home Dog Training Montgomery County

Focus Dog Training offering in home dog

17 Mar 2017

Focus Dog Training offering in home dog training Montgomery County, Texas and surrounding areas. We provide a solution for all your dog behavior problems!

Rick Walkley strives to be the best dog trainer in the Montgomery County area! With over 27 years of experience, Rick knows how to help each unique situation between your dog and yourself.

All dog training sessions are private dog training sessions, not group sessions. This way, Rick gets the attention that is needed to train your dog properly. Once at home training is mastered, park trips are next so your dog can learn how to behave with other dogs. Home Dog Training Montgomery County

Some clients have come to Focus Dog Training where other dog trainers have failed with the specific dog issues that they were having. If you are frustrated and are ready to begin learning how to work with your dog to solve the problem, give Rick a call at 936-449-1665!

Focus Dog Training Servicing North Houston: Conroe, Huntsville, Katy, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, Waller, Willis, and other surrounding areas.

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