Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Complete Dog Training

Focus Dog Training offers complete dog training for dogs of all ages and breeds, no matter what the behavior issue! As a Master Dog Trainer, for more than 27 years, I have successfully trained dogs of every breed and every behavior issue that you can think of.

I am not the least expensive dog trainer in the area, but I WILL achieve the results that you are looking for. Remember that training your dog is an investment. It will strengthen your relationship with you and your dog.

All of my dog training programs are customized to fit your dog’s specific needs. Effective training develops your dog’s potential by providing focused attention to his/her personality and environment.Complete Dog Training

Training dogs is my passion. Facilitating a successful relationship between you and your dog is my number one goal. My Obedience Dog Training always promotes safety and also teaches your dog good manners.

Focus Dog Training locations include North Houston: Conroe, Huntsville, Katy, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, Waller, Willis, and other surrounding areas.

Give Rick a call at 936-449-1665 to schedule your consultation!

Home Dog Training Montgomery County

Focus Dog Training offering in home dog training Montgomery County, Texas and surrounding areas. We provide a solution for all your dog behavior problems!

Rick Walkley strives to be the best dog trainer in the Montgomery County area! With over 27 years of experience, Rick knows how to help each unique situation between your dog and yourself.

All dog training sessions are private dog training sessions, not group sessions. This way, Rick gets the attention that is needed to train your dog properly. Once at home training is mastered, park trips are next so your dog can learn how to behave with other dogs. Home Dog Training Montgomery County

Some clients have come to Focus Dog Training where other dog trainers have failed with the specific dog issues that they were having. If you are frustrated and are ready to begin learning how to work with your dog to solve the problem, give Rick a call at 936-449-1665!

Focus Dog Training Servicing North Houston: Conroe, Huntsville, Katy, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, Waller, Willis, and other surrounding areas.

Dog Training Montgomery

Dog Training Montgomery

Focus Dog Training offers one-on-one dog obedience training courses, agility courses, rude behavior, aggressive behavior, or skittish behavior training. Basicly, if you have a problem, I am confident that I can help your situation. All of my programs cater to your dog’s specific personality issues.

Once I come out and assess what the issues are that you are having and meet your dog, we will come up with a training plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. I will usually begin training on the same day that we meet.

Obedience training can begin at 7 weeks of age. This helps promote safety as well as teaches your dog good manners. We will work on basic commands: come, sit, down, stand, and heel. Older dogs even benefit from obedience training. I have had many successful stories that you can read throughout my website. All of the dogs range in age. Dog Training Montgomery

Our training courses will take place in the privacy of your home. We will also take you and your companion to a local park to work on learning skills for both you and your dog. This will help especially if you are having issues with your dog pulling on the leash or doesn’t come when calling.

Call Rick Walkley today at (936) 449-1665 to set up your consultation.

Dog Training Program

My story into dog training began when my husband and I adopted an adult German Shorthaired Pointer from a local shelter who turned out to be highly dog-aggressive. Although this was not my first dog, I had never experienced this problem before, and had no clue how to help him get over this issue. So I contacted Rick and started training. My dog progressed pretty quickly, and I became increasingly interested in all aspects of dog training. Rick noticed that I showed some talent handling my own dog, so he suggested I might do well in dog trainer school.

After considering the options – attending a school where I would be one of many students in big classes, or studying one-on-one with Rick and his clients – I concluded that I would benefit more from direct instruction from Rick, and signed up for a year of schooling.

Teaching my own dog had been easy enough, but as I quickly found out when I was put in front of the first client dog, getting other people’s dogs to work for me was quite the challenge. Eventually I learned how to build relationships with all kinds of dog personalities, how to read their behavior, how to come up with a method that works best for the particular dog and owner, and how to progress each handler and dog team to reach their full potential.

Rick taught me a solid foundation in dog psychology and behavior, marker training, correct usage of the tools of the trade, and how to tailor the training to any kind of dog, from basic obedience to almost any behavioral issue. Since I was his only student, we were able to individualize the curriculum by allocating more time to work on my weaknesses, and less time on my strengths.

Because I learned how to implement a variety of tools, I can be confident that I will always have another method up my sleeve if the first one should not give me the desired results. Since we did all of our training outdoors instead of a sterile training room, I will be able to offer my future clients real world training that will teach them to successfully navigate life with their dog. One of the biggest joys throughout my time at Focus Dog Training has been to see our clients go through the same breakthrough moments that I experienced with my own dog.

Not only did I complete lots of hands-on training with the dogs, but I also got to experience the day-to-day work of effectively running a profitable business, and learned how to deal with different client personalities on the other end of the leash. Especially in regards to these two skill sets – business and client relationships – I doubt that one of the bigger dog trainer schools would have offered as much value.

Michaela Frank, student trainer at Focus Dog Training 2015/16