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Welcome to Focus Dog Training. I'm Rick Walkley.

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About Rick

Owner and Trainer

Rick Walkley

Effective training develops your dog’s potential by providing focused attention to his personality and environment. Combination training that accounts for variables in personality and environment is the best method to use in training dogs. It is not the least expensive method in the initial investment, but the results are superior to all other training types.




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To get the most for your money, research the following: types of training, cost of training, and the experience of trainers in your area. Then determine the goals for your dog.


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Trust us when we tell you, in our 25 years of experience, no dog training is so urgent that you should forgo basic research before you hire a trainer.


There are many individuals who market themselves as trainers but are underqualified or not qualified. A trainer who can train basic obedience may be out of his league with an aggressive dog. A trainer may rely completely on a training aid, such as a stimulant collar, and be unable to train without one–but she may not reveal that to you. Aggressive dogs are especially difficult and expensive. If you need help with aggression, ask the trainer specifically about his experience and methods. Ask for references, success stories, or testimonials.

Inquire about a trainer’s official schooling and types of experience. Check out any reviews that are available about the trainer. You will never go wrong by calling the trainer directly and asking questions.

Our Best Advice

Be careful that you do basic research prior to scheduling a free consultation with a trainer in your home. Do not sign any training contracts or “service agreements” before you investigate and determine your goals. Dog training is an investment in a relationship; it should never be entered into under the duress that results when the seller is in your home. These expensive training contracts often are nonrefundable.

There is nothing wrong with taking your time, interviewing trainers, asking questions, and reading as much as you can. A trainer is an individual whom you will hire and pay. You must be certain that you and your family can trust him and rely on his skills and advice. We recognize smart consumers. We welcome your hesitancy and your questions.



No matter what type of dog you have, or what kind of behavior you're experiencing, we can help.

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Puppies and New Dogs

Got a brand new puppy and need some help? Maybe you're introducing a new dog into your family. We can help make the integration a smooth one.


We work with you and your new puppy or dog to help you set boundaries and integrate your new dog into your family. The consultation is approximately 2 hours long and covers the basics of dog ownership, including how to prevent the development of rude behaviors. We cover nutrition, house-breaking, chewing, nipping, jumping, digging, stealing, begging, excessive barking, and over-aggression. And, we set the stage to begin off-leash obedience training. Many clients participate in the consultation before they bring home their new dog. Even if you’re a previous dog owner, this is a good program that helps you to “get it right, from the start.”

Price: $170 for 2 hour-session


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Obedience Training

Need some help teaching your dog obedience? Want him to learn not to jump on furniture?

This teaches your dog how to develop manners and promotes safety. Our obedience is a self-paced program that teaches 6 necessary commands: Come, stay, sit, down, stand and heel. The first appointment focuses strictly on the “come” command, because it is the most important. Nothing else matters if your dog won’t come to you. I use multiple different exercises and distractions to learn “come.” The remaining sessions progress at your dog’s pace.

Obedience is a must for any dog, because the training strengthens the bond you have with your dog and improves your dog’s safety. Our training is off-leash from the start. And, as a combination trainer, I integrate methods to give you the fastest and most reliable results. I train with and without training aids, depending on your dog’s personality and your goals. Puppies can begin obedience as young as 7-12 weeks. Even older adult dogs can benefit from obedience!

Often, we are asked about obedience classes. We offer only individualized training for dogs, meaning one-on-one training (no classes). Our individualized program is more cost effective and produces far superior results. Consider the following ratios: Classes = 10 dogs: 10 owners: 1 trainer = Failure

Our individualized program = 1 dog: 1 owner: 1 trainer = Success!

We discount each session $30 if you pre-pay for 4 sessions, and $45 if you pre-pay for 6 sessions. Because of the time investment and the pricing structure, I must make prepaid/discounted training plans nonrefundable.

We give additional discounts to seniors, active-duty and retired military, and families who train multiple dogs.

Price: $145/session, if we meet at a local park. or $175/session, if we meet at your home.





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Rude Behavior

Does your dog bark at guests?
Rush up to other dogs at the dog park?
We can teach your dog some manners!


This corrects rude behavior and can often be accomplished with a single Consultation Appointment. Some behaviors improve dramatically with obedience training, and I will occasionally make that recommendation when appropriate. We teach you to set boundaries and correct rude behavior. The consultation is approximately 2 hours and covers corrections for rude behaviors, including: chewing, nipping, jumping, digging, stealing, begging, excessive barking, over-aggression, and toileting accidents.

We give additional discounts to seniors, active-duty and retired military, and families who train multiple dogs.

Price: $170 for ~ 2 hour session


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Aggression, Skittishness, Under-Confidence

Regardless of the behavior your dog exhibits, 
we can help solve the problem.

Some dogs are skittish. Some are frankly aggressive. Often these problem arise from lack of confidence. These dogs are the most at-risk because owners can’t handle them. Possible consequences include harm to other dogs, harm to family, harm to strangers, law suits, and even court-mandated euthanasia of your dog. Our programs cater to your dog’s specific personality issue. While we cannot guarantee that your dog’s aggression or skittishness can be corrected, in the overwhelming number of cases, we are able to train the dog to behave differently and train you to help your dog through his issues. We rarely conclude that a dog is too damaged to be helped with an intensive program.

We have two programs:

  • 3-hour program (usually for skittish and under-confident dogs)
  • Private 1-hr sessions (always for dog-to-dog and dog-to-people aggression)

We give additional discounts to seniors, active-duty and retired military, and families who train multiple dogs.

Success Stories:

Kharma the Boxer | Wyatt the Akbash | Phoebe the Lab Mix

Price: Contact Rick



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Board and Train


Specialized training during in-home boarding with Rick Walkley. This is an unconventional service that is priced individually. Please contact Rick directly for information regarding board and train options.


Video Journal Series

Take a look at our training videos and see how Rick tackles a variety of issues, including leash work, aggression, and general obedience. Continue to check back as more videos are added.


Visit Rick’s Video Journal Series


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